application Coinhouse - Fast, Solid and Secure

Coinhouse Security

Security of funds from users is the most important task. Our team is always working on new solutions to improve security. And reducing the possibility to attack our service/infrastructure. Please notice that we cannot all information about our security for security reasons.

Cryptocurrency Storage.

The majority of funds are stored offline. Because we believe preventing is a better option than defending. We have only a fraction into our hot wallet to withdraw funds if needed. The cold storage is neither connected in any way to our platform.

System Security.

We use always uptodate software. Which is backed up once a day. And we have DDoS protection.

Account protection.

By default we let you enable 2FA in order to withdraw any funds. To make sure you really do the withdrawal. We monitor login data to analyze if something may be wrong. Also login email notifications are send out when you log into our service.